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Amar Lata is entirely dependent on donations and outside expertise for the running of its services in the Gadaibalbarh and Sunderban locations. We really couldn’t do this without you and appreciate every little bit of help you can offer. Thank you!

Share your expertise

The main difficulty of working in rural areas is the lack of qualified man power, because there is very little incentive for outsiders to come and work here. Therefore, the only way forward is to run training schemes for locals on a continuous basis, so that there is always sufficient qualified staff.


For such training, we are always in need of experts who are willing to come to the villages for a focussed period of time to pass on their knowledge in various fields, including administration and accounting, family planning, child care, HIV/Aids, disability screening, counselling. If you have such specialist knowledge, or know of someone who does, please contact us!



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Donations by cheque
Amar Lata Gramin Seva Foundation
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What things cost
A pair of glasses = 8 GBP
A cataract operation = 25 GBP
A wheelchair = 75 GBP

Operation of a disabled individual in a specialist hospital = 30 GBP
Sending a blind child to a residential school for one year = 72 GBP
Training a health worker, including transport = 1.000 GBP